Styles for currently online #80

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kylefiedler added some commits Apr 24, 2015
@kylefiedler kylefiedler Refactor current theme styles and start adding new style dc158be
@kylefiedler kylefiedler More theme design
* Design around search
* Change typeface
* Style private unread count
@kylefiedler kylefiedler Clean up code
* Remove unused fonts
* Fix tests
* Sort Scss
@kylefiedler kylefiedler Topics index style
@kylefiedler kylefiedler Style for topic show and post
@kylefiedler kylefiedler Add styles for currently online
@jayroh jayroh added the in progress label Apr 26, 2015

Just merged!

@jayroh jayroh closed this May 2, 2015
@jayroh jayroh removed the in progress label May 2, 2015
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