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"_description": "values with an _underscore are considered comments. you can delete them.",
"_defaults": "default values parallel to the values in attributes/default.rb",
"_environment": "valid values: production, development",
"environment": "production",
"user": {
"_name": "username of the user to be generated/updated",
"name": "deployer",
"_password": "crypted with `openssl passwd -1 'super sekrit password'`",
"password": "$1$...",
"_authorized_keys": "the content for your ~/.ssh/authorized_keys",
"authorized_keys": "ssh-rsa AAA...== description"
"rbenv": {
"_rubies": "the Ruby versions to be installed",
"rubies": ["1.9.3-p194"],
"_plugins": "the rbenv-plugins to be installend. note that ruby-build is required...",
"plugins": ["", ""]
"run_list": ["recipe[main]"]