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Rawr 1.6.2

James Britt, Logan Barnett, David Koontz


Rawr is a packaging solution for JRuby applications. Rawr comes in two pieces:

  • a rawr command that creates a Java main file in your application and a configuration file that will be used by Rawr to build the final jar;
  • a Rake task file that you can include into your project's Rakefile to automate the creation of the packaged application.


rawr install
rake rawr:jar
java -jar package/jar/your_jar_file.jar


  • JRuby >= 1.5
  • javac
  • Rake


sudo gem install rawr --source

Note: You probably do ont want to use sudo if you are using a Ruby installed using rvm.


Rawr 1.6.0 added support for compiling Mirah source code.

There was already code in place for duby files, but a) duby morphed in Mirah, and b) the compilation command is somewhat different.

There's a new build_configuration.rb option to define the root folder for your Mirah files, and the resulting compiled .class files end up where any .java files would go.

Rawr 1.4.2 introduced the use of Brian Marick's user-choices library to handle initial configuration properties.

What this means in practice is that there are multiple ways to configure how rawr handles the install command.

You can use command-line arguments much as before, or use a configuration file (~/.rawr), or environment variables.

Or all of them; you can mix and match.

For example, if you have a prefered name or location for the main Java class then you might want to stick that in the config file or some environment variables to avid having to pass them as command-line arguments on each invocation of rawr.

Please read the docs for user-choices, but one key thing to know is the precedence for options.

Any option value passed on the command-line overrules any previous value.

Any option defined in an environment variable overrules the value in a config files.

Option values in the config file will be used so long as they are not overridden by the above conditions.


Rawr is released under the Ruby License.

Feed your head.