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Welcome to the GitHub For the Reddit Perl Module.


If you here there is a good change you know both reddit and Perl.

At the time I started this project, there was only a module that had been developed to use the reddit 1.0 API, which is incompatible with the new site API for the version of reddit built on the Rails platform (reddit 2.0 as I colloquially call it). I got as far as basic authentication and link or self posting, but got stuck on posting comments.

This project is still largely under development, however, released code has been tested and is know to be operational. I welcome any contributions of code, documentation, comments, suggestions, and requests for features. Feel free to clone the most recent branch and submit a pull request (Is that a thing? If and when it becomes a thing).


I have divided the code into three sections: source - the current underdevelopment main branch. branches - non-release, underdevelopment, or submitted for review, branches of the code tags - different version releases packages - the compressed distributions to be uploaded to CPAN


-- A full featured reddit API wrapper -- Implement useful tests without spamming reddit -- rewrite the project using Moose (open for discussion) -- Allow for both a procedural and object oriented use of the module (this one gets a big maybe)

Where I need help: There is lots to do. Pick an API function and write a subroutine, write some code examples, or help me better explain what is going on, but most of all, I need help developing meaningful tests to automate testing.

Thanks for Reading