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Updated POD to pass tests

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1 parent 3b4e845 commit d088bba77636d7de5332f8d129bd9fa5caeee725 Jon A committed Feb 26, 2012
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@@ -346,6 +346,8 @@ None.
=head1 Provided Methods
+=over 2
=item B<submit_link($title, $url, $subreddit)>
$r->submit_link( 'Test', '', 'NotPerl');
This method posts links to the specified subreddit. The subreddit parameter is optional if it is not set at the time of instantiation
@@ -369,6 +371,8 @@ Submit methods return cannonical thing IDs, L<See the FULLNAME Glossary|https://
The post_id is the alphanumeric string after the name of the subreddit, before the title of the post
The comment_id is the alphanumeric string after the title of the post
=head1 SEE ALSO

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