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% vim: syntax=tex
\ProvidesClass{ebook}[2010/03/12 Book class tweaked to make PDFs for ebook readers]
% Sensible defaults for book class
% Custom paper and margin sizes
% Landscape option
% Fonts
\def\@font{Gentium Basic}}
\def\@font{Linux Libertine O}}
% Inherit from existing book class
\ExecuteOptions{sonyreader,libertine} % default suits me
% Apply paper size and margins
\setlength\paperheight {\@paperheight}
\setlength\paperwidth {\@paperwidth}
\setlength\@tempdima {\paperheight}
\setlength\paperheight {\paperwidth}
\setlength\paperwidth {\@tempdima}
\usepackage[top=\@margin, bottom=\@margin, left=\@margin, right=\@margin]{geometry}
% Turn off page numbering (the reader will handle this)
% It's better that the document can be generated automatically, even if this is
% typographically suboptimal
% Don't print date on title page by default
% Ensure that title and author go into PDF metadata
% Remove indentation
\setlength\leftmargini {0em}
\setlength\leftmarginii {0em}
\setlength\leftmarginiii {0em}
\setlength\leftmarginiv {0em}
\setlength\leftmarginv {0em}
\setlength\leftmarginvi {0em}
% Extra commands
% Fonts
% Allow sub-/superscript via \textsubscript{} and \textsuperscript{}