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seekrit is a password safe with the following features:

  • Secret data is encrypted using AES-256
  • The data is stored in an ordered line-oriented format to facilitate version control
  • Remote synchronisation is supported via shell scripts




list                      List all entries.
show name(s)              Show matching entries.
edit name(s)              Create or modify entries.
delete name(s)            Delete entries.
rename old_name new_name  Rename entry.

Entries will be opened for editing in the editor defined by the EDITOR environment variable, falling back to vi if it's not defined.


Data is stored in ~/.config/seekrit/data


Two scripts are run before and after operations, if they exist:

  • ~/.config/seekrit/pre-load is run before every lookup
  • ~/.config/seekrit/post-save is run after a change is made

For example, to synchronise your password automatically with a (preferably private!) git repository, initialize a git repository in ~/.config/seekrit, set up the remote origin, and add the scripts:


git pull origin master || echo


git status | grep secrets && \
git add secrets && \
git commit -m "Automatic" && git push origin master
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