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Show user's friends list #4

threefunkymonkeys opened this Issue · 2 comments

3 participants

Code Monkey Leandro López Leonardo Mateo
Code Monkey

In order to share a file with a friend
As a registered user
I want to see my friends list on my homepage

Given I am logged in as ""
And the following users exist:
|email |
| |
| |
And I have "" as my friend
And I don't have "" as my friend
When I go to the homepage
Then I should see ""
And I should not see ""

Leandro López
inkel commented

I know you don't consider me your friend, but this is quite harsh even for your standards.

You're a mean, mean old person, ya know? :P

Code Monkey

You're such a whiny little girl, u know? In public, at least, behave like a man :P

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