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Want a simple way to create clean & simple configuration for AutoMapper?

Threenine.Map helps you do this by just implementing one of the mapping interfaces in your view models and domain models, and you're set!

The library combines all the power of Automapper to assist in implementing mappings in projects by locating the mapping logic within the Domain Objects & View Models.


You can find the package on NuGet Gallery.

To install Threenine.Map, run the following command in the Package Manager Console:

Install-Package Threenine.Map

or using the Dotnet Core CLI

dotnet add package Threenine.Map


We are currently compiling comprehensive documentation and examples of use of available on Threenine.Map - Read the Docs.

If you find there are aspects of the library that you are unsure of or would like further clarification, report an issue and we'll attempt to address is as soon as resource allows.

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