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plugin system

glamor ships with a plugin system, allowing you to add custom transforms on selectors and styles before they get converted to css.

A plugin is a function that recieves { selector, style }, and is expected to return an object of the same shape.

Here is an example plugin that adds ':any-link' support

function anyLink({ selector, style }) {
  selector = selector.split(',').map(x => x.trim())
    .forEach(p => {
      if(p.indexOf(':any-link') >=0 ) {
        result.push(p.replace(/\:any\-link/g, ':link'))
        result.push(p.replace(/\:any\-link/g, ':visited'))
      else {
    }).join(', ')
  return ({ selector, style })  

To add a plugin -

import { plugins } from 'glamor'

NB: plugins are executed in the opposite order of insertion. So, if you've added a and b, b will get called before a (#55)

You can remove it with -

// or to clear all plugins 

plugins for vendor prefixes and array fallbacks are included by default.

[todo] - plugins for @-rules -

  • media
  • keyframes
  • animation