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inline markdown for react/jsx
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zero-overhead markdown in your react components


add 'markdown-in-js/babel' to the plugins field of your babel config

import markdown from 'markdown-in-js'

const App = () => markdown`
## This is some content.
You can write _markdown_ as you'd like.

${ <span> interpolate more <Content/> </span> }

you can <i>inline *html*</i> or even <OtherComponents/>, wow

<div style=${{ fontWeight: 'bold' }}
    className=${'some more styles'}
  interpolate attributes as expected
  • gets compiled to react elements via a babel plugin
  • preserves interpolations
  • built with commonmark
  • optionally add prismjs for syntax highlighting of code blocks

custom components

You can use custom components for markdown primitives like so -

import md from 'markdown-in-js'
import { MyHeading, MyLink } from './path/to/components'

const App = () => md({ h1: MyHeading, a: MyLink })`
# this will be a custom header
[custom link component](/url/to/link)


  • optionally no-wrap paragraphs
  • optionally return array of elements
  • instructions for in-editor syntax highlighting
  • add gotchas to docs
  • precompile code blocks
  • commonmark options
  • tests!
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