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[work in progress]

npm install react-modules babel-template --save

code splitting as a component

import { Modules } from 'react-modules'

    // or arrays, or objects, whatevs
    App => App ? 
      <div><App /></div> : 
  • isomorphic / SSR friendly
  • transpiles to webpack-friendly split points with a plugin(react-modules/babel)
  • with helpers to preserve server-rendered html until module loads
  • leverage the structure of your app to efficiently split/load your javascript bundles


<Modules load={[require('A'), require('B'), {c: require('C')}]}>{
  ([A, B { c:C }]) => {...}
  • load={reqs} - return the required modules with require. with the plugin, this will be converted to webpack code split points.
  • onError={fn} - catch errors
  • include={bool} - bypasses the code split
  • defer={bool} - loads the scripts only in the trasnpiled version
  • chunkName={str} - optional, acts as third argument to the backing require.ensure() call for named chunks
  • entry={name} - (experimental) include chunk into name entry. works in tandem with extractEntries() (TODO - accept multiple entries)

html persistence helpers

a set of helpers to preserve server/static-rendered html, until its 'parent' module loads. this is useful when the component is heavy, but you still want to show prerendered html while the chunk loads

  • preserve(id, DOMelement) : DOMelement
  • preserved(id) : DOMelement

example -

<Module load={require('./a').default}>{
  A => A ? preserve('myhtml', <div><App/></div>): // on SSR, this will generate html
    preserved('myhtml') || // on browser, use the cached html, until the module loads up
    <span>loading...</span> // if neither available, show loading state

Use sparingly! This will probably break react's checksum algo, but that's the tradeoff you'll need for this behavior.

NB: to prime the cache, import and call hydrate() right before you call ReactDOM.render().


  • react-modules/babel - wraps Modules components' load props with require.ensure boilerplate, generating code splits


  • extractEntries(filepath) (experimental) - statically analyze module and generate webpack entries


  • extractResourceMap(filepath) (experimental) - statically analyze an app and generate urlpattern -> entries map. works in tandem with react-router@4.


  • docs
  • tests
  • custom <Match/> component that accepts entry/load
  • express helper/middleware to serve bundles
  • hmr compat
  • arbit file types / webpack loader compat
  • browserify compat
  • react-native