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The aspirin library contains utility classes for ActionScript 3. These were developed at Three Rings Design during the creation of Whirled and other games.

API documentation

Note: APIs may change Aspirin is meant to be a .swc that you link against when building a swf, not a runtime shared library (RSL). We may modify or delete methods in incompatible ways in order to improve the library. Typically we will deprecate a method for a while first, so it should not be difficult to keep up with changes.

Adding aspirin.swc to your build

Integration into a Maven- or Ivy-based build is easy. Add a dependency on com.threerings:aspirin:1.13. Aspirin is published to Maven Central, so you need not add it to your local Maven repository.

You can also download aspirin-1.13.swc.

You can also build it from source and incorporate it into your build in any way that suits your fancy.

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