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// $Id$
#pragma once
#include <boost/format.hpp>
#include "presents/InvocationDecoder.h"
#include "presents/DisconnectReason.h"
#include "presents/PresentsError.h"
#include "presents/client/Registration.h"
#include "presents/data/RegistrationMarshaller.h"
class ObjectInputStream;
class ObjectOutputStream;
namespace presents
namespace data { class InvocationMarshaller; }
namespace net {
class AuthResponseData;
class Credentials;
class UpstreamMessage;
class FramedInputStream;
class FramingOutputStream;
class SocketStream;
class PresentsClient : public boost::enable_shared_from_this<PresentsClient>
typedef std::map<utf8, Shared<data::InvocationMarshaller> > MarshallerMap;
typedef std::map<int16, Shared<InvocationDecoder> > DecoderMap;
typedef boost::signal<void (PresentsClient*)> ClientEvent;
typedef boost::signal<void (const net::AuthResponseData&)> AuthFailureEvent;
PresentsClient ();
virtual ~PresentsClient ();
void update (float dt);
template <typename T>
Shared<T> requireService ()
MarshallerMap::iterator it = _services.find(T::javaName());
if (it->second == NULL) {
throw PresentsError((boost::format("No marshaller for %1%") % T::javaName()).str());
return boost::static_pointer_cast<T>(it->second);
template <typename T>
void registerReceiver (Shared<T> receiver)
assert(_socket != NULL);
Shared<presents::client::Registration> reg(new presents::client::Registration);
reg->receiverId = _nextReceiverId++;
Shared<InvocationDecoder> dec(new typename T::Decoder(receiver));
reg->receiverCode = Shared<utf8>(new utf8(dec->receiverCode));
_decoders.insert(DecoderMap::value_type(reg->receiverId, dec));
requireService<presents::data::RegistrationMarshaller>()->registerReceiver(getSharedThis(), reg);
bool isConnected () const;
void connect (const std::string& hostname, int port, Shared<presents::net::Credentials> creds, Shared<utf8> version);
void disconnect ();
void postMessage (Shared<presents::net::UpstreamMessage> msg);
void sendRequest (int32 invOid, int32 invCode, int8 methodId, const Shared< std::vector< Shared<Streamable> > >& args);
int getOid() const { assert(_oid != -1); return _oid; }
connection_t onConnected (const ClientEvent::slot_type& slot) {
return _onConnected.connect(slot);
connection_t onDisconnected (const DisconnectEvent::slot_type& slot) {
return _onDisconnected.connect(slot);
connection_t onAuth (const AuthFailureEvent::slot_type& slot) {
return _onAuth.connect(slot);
void handleDisconnect (DisconnectReason);
Shared<PresentsClient> getSharedThis();
boost::scoped_ptr<SocketStream> _socket;
boost::scoped_ptr<FramingOutputStream> _framingOut;
boost::scoped_ptr<FramedInputStream> _framedIn;
boost::scoped_ptr<ObjectInputStream> _in;
boost::scoped_ptr<ObjectOutputStream> _out;
int16 _outMessageId;
int16 _nextReceiverId;
int32 _oid;
DecoderMap _decoders;
MarshallerMap _services;
float _idleTime;
// If the connection to the presents server is authenticated and ready to go. _onConnected is
// signaled when this becomes true
bool _connected;
// If we're connected or are trying to connect. This is always true when _connected is true,
// but also before the connection is authed and before the bootstrap data arrives.
bool _active;
ClientEvent _onConnected;
DisconnectEvent _onDisconnected;
AuthFailureEvent _onAuth;
connection_t _onSocketDisconnect;
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