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#include "presents/stable.h"
#include "FramingOutputStream.h"
#include "presents/Util.h"
using namespace presents;
FramingOutputStream::FramingOutputStream (OutputStream* base)
: _base(base)
// Returns bytes written
size_t FramingOutputStream::write(const uint8* pData, size_t bytesToWrite)
uint8* bytes = (uint8*)pData;
for (int ii = 0; ii < bytesToWrite; ii++) {
return bytesToWrite;
void FramingOutputStream::writeFrame()
int32 length = hostToPresents((int32)(_frameBuffer.size() + sizeof(int32)));
_base->write((uint8*)&length, sizeof(int32));
_base->write(&_frameBuffer[0], _frameBuffer.size());
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