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All contributors to Playn must sign a CLA.
What is a CLA?
A CLA (Contributor License Agreement) basically says that you own the
rights to any code you contribute, and that you give us permission to
use that code in Playn. You maintain the copyright on that code.
Where do I sign up?
If you own all the rights to your code, you can fill out an individual CLA.
If your employer has any rights to your code, then they also need to fill
out a corporate CLA. If you don't know if your employer has any rights
to your code, you should ask before signing anything.
CLA Signers
By default, anyone with an email address already has a CLA
signed for them. Congratulations!
We've also received CLAs from the following people:
mdb [] (Michael Bayne)
mmastrac [] (Matthew Mastracci)