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PlayN is a cross-platform Java game development library written in [Java] that targets HTML5
browsers (via [GWT]), desktop JVMs, [Android] and [iOS] devices.

Information on PlayN can be found in in this README and on the PlayN project website:

PlayN developers, contributors, and users regularly communicate on the PlayN Google Group:

Building and Running
This is the legacy 1.x version of the PlayN library which is no longer actively developed. Active
development is happening on PlayN 2.x which is hosted at [playn/playn].

Instructions for building PlayN and running the samples can be found in the [PlayN wiki].
Unless you mean to be using the legacy 1.x version of PlayN (and potentially submitting bug fix or
other maintenance patches), you should immediately proceed to the 2.x site.

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[PlayN wiki]:

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