Utilities for use in PlayN-based games.
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Triple Play

Triple Play is a collection of game-related utility classes that can be used with the PlayN library on all of its myriad platform targets.

Various documentation-like-things are available:


The library is built using Maven or SBT.

Invoke mvn install to build and install the library to your local Maven repository (i.e. ~/.m2/repository).

Invoke sbt publish-local to build and install the library to your local Ivy repository (i.e. ~/.ivy2/local).


To add a Triple Play dependency to a Maven project, add the following to your pom.xml:



When using Triple Play in a PlayN game that targets the HTML5 or Flash backends, you must make some additional changes.

Add the following to your html/pom.xml (and/or flash/pom.xml):


Add a reference to the Triple Play GWT module to your FooGame.gwt.xml file, like so:

<inherits name="tripleplay.TriplePlay"/>

Finally modify the gwt-maven-plugin to override disableClassMetadata which PlayN enables by default:



Triple Play is released under the New BSD License. The most recent version of the library is available at https://github.com/threerings/tripleplay


Questions, comments, and other worldly endeavors can be handled via the Three Rings Libraries Google Group.