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Utilities for use in PlayN-based games.
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Triple Play

Triple Play is a collection of game-related utility classes that can be used with the PlayN library on all of its myriad platform targets.

Various documentation-like-things are available:


The library is built using Maven or SBT.

Invoke mvn install to build and install the library to your local Maven repository (i.e. ~/.m2/repository).

Invoke sbt publish-local to build and install the library to your local Ivy repository (i.e. ~/.ivy2/local).


To add a Triple Play dependency to a Maven project, add the following to your pom.xml:



When using Triple Play in a PlayN game that targets the HTML5 or Flash backends, you must make some additional changes.

Add the following to your html/pom.xml (and/or flash/pom.xml):


Add a reference to the Triple Play GWT module to your FooGame.gwt.xml file, like so:

<inherits name="tripleplay.TriplePlay"/>

Finally modify the gwt-maven-plugin to override disableClassMetadata which PlayN enables by default:



Triple Play is released under the New BSD License. The most recent version of the library is available at


Questions, comments, and other worldly endeavors can be handled via the Three Rings Libraries Google Group.

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