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Threespot Media

Threespot is an independent digital agency hell-bent on helping those, and only those, who are committed to helping others.

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  1. tolaria Public

    A Rails CMS framework for making your editors happy.

    JavaScript 36 5

  2. Threespot's base Sass framework

    SCSS 16 4

  3. A useful collection of Sass mixins and methodologies.

    CSS 14

  4. Various utilities that save time on Django projects. Includes helpers for the admin, caching, configuration, documentation, geolocation, navigation, the ORM, forms, and more. Docs are here: http://…

    Python 10 3

  5. A organised collection of front-end code patterns.

    CSS 3

  6. Polyfill to fix SVG scaling in IE11 and below using the “padding hack” technique

    JavaScript 3




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