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Redis 2.4.4, built from source.

Tested only on Ubuntu, 10.04.3, 64bit.

If you've been using this cookbook in the past, there are some important changes that you should take into account before upgrading to the latest version

  1. I'm now using a separate versioning, no longer sticking to the redis one. If the previous cookbook version was 2.4.2 (redis version), this one is 2.0.0.

  2. I made some changes in how configs and restarts are being handled, an upgrade from a previous version will not be seamless. The 2.0.0 is the hint.

  3. I only make the important settings configurable via the cookbook's attributes. The ones which I don't personally use, I've left out. Feel free to fork the cookbook, add your own and submit a pull request.

  4. All config values are heavily documented. Open up the attributes file and you'll see what I mean. They were taken directly from the official redis repository, version 2.4.4.

  5. Redis is now configured so that by default it doesn't persist the data to disk. Before, snapshotting was turned on by default. Just to make this clear, the snapshotting and appendfile are turned off by default. If you need these options, configure them via role attributes.

  6. The redis user is given a shell: /bin/sh. Previously, this has been set to /bin/false. Not sure if this is the best approach, but this enables upstart jobs via su - redis -c 'some-command'.