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PHP Puppet Module for Boxen

Build Status

Requires the following boxen modules:

  • boxen
  • homebrew
  • wget
  • autoconf
  • libtool
  • pkgconfig
  • pcre
  • libpng

The following boxen modules are required if optional PHP extensions are used:

  • couchbase (SocalNick/puppet-couchbase) - Couchbase extension php::extension::couchbase
  • imagemagick - Imagemagick extension php::extension::imagick
  • redis - Redis extension php::extension::redis


# Install php 5.4
include php::5_4

# Install a couple of specific minor versions
include php::5_3_17
include php::5_4_11

# Install a php version and set as the global default php
class { 'php::global':
  version => '5.4.10'

# Ensure a specific php version is used within a directory
php::local { '/path/to/my/awesome/project':
  version => '5.4.9'

# Ensure an extension is installed for a certain php version
# note, you can't have duplicate resource names so you have to name like so
php::extension::apc { "apc for ${version}":
  php     => $version,
  version => '3.1.13', # Optionally specify the extension version

# Set up PHP-FPM as a service running a specific version of PHP
include php::fpm::5_3_15

# Run multiple PHP-FPM services
include php::fpm::5_4_11
include php::fpm::5_3_23

# Spin up a PHP-FPM pool for a project
# Ensures:
#  * the version of PHP is installed
#  * a PHP-FPM service is configured for this PHP version
#  * a FPM pool is listening on a per project nginx socket
$name = "project-name"
$version = "5.4.10"
php::fpm::pool { "${name}-${version}":
  version     => $version,
  socket_path => "${boxen::config::socketdir}/${name}",
  require     => File["${nginx::config::sitesdir}/${name}.conf"],

## PHP Project Usage ##

A sample PHP project manifest is provided in manifests/project.pp which will run a PHP project using PHP-FPM under Nginx. This can be used directly, but may require tweaking for your own purposes.

A simple project manifest example:

# your-boxen/modules/projects/manifests/trollin.pp

class projects::trollin {

  php::project { 'trollin':
    source        => 'boxen/trollin',
    elasticsearch => true,
    mysql         => true,
    nginx         => 'php/nginx/nginx.conf.erb',
    redis         => true,
    php           => '5.3.23',

With the above, as long as our app is configured to listen to requests at www/index.php we can visit to access the app.

In the background this is installing PHP 5.3.23, creating a PHP-FPM service for 5.3.23, and a FPM pool for this project which runs within the FPM service. This then listens on an nginx socket at "#{ENV['BOXEN_SOCKET_DIR']}"/trollin.

The example nginx host template at templates/nginx/nginx.conf.erb is also a sample configuration which can be copied to your main boxen module and the nginx template path above altered to match this. This is set up with a basic PHP structure, and Fastcgi params to pass the expected variables from Nginx to PHP-FPM.