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PHP/Ajax/Angular file browser and syntax-highlighting text editor
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WDE Web Development Environment 0.9

PHP file browser and syntax-highlighting text editor Uses Ace.js on top of PHP/AJAX using Angular

I found myself using this file more than my IDE (especially on 1 monitor environments). It's usually faster to have this in one tab and my webpage in the other. Every time I need a feature I add it in.


  • Ability to select all themes from Ace.JS at will
  • Saves files
  • Creates new files
  • Creates new folders with chmod option
  • Deletes FIles
  • Loads a tree/nodes of directories automatically focused on where the wde.php file lives
  • Recognizes some hotkeys (ctrl+s to save, ctrl+/ to comment block etc...)
  • Loads tabs of multiple files
  • Much better looking. Only has a dark theme for now


  • Rewritten from the gorund up to support tabs, new folders, and directory tree structure
  • Added a status bar at the bottom of the page

Future Todo's: Bugs:

  • There is currently a bug where files are not saving in the intended directory. I have a fix but it's not in this version
  • Tippy is wired in but not well syced with Angular. As with above probably needs a directive to sync


  • Re-add GET param password feature
  • There is a bug where Angular is not binding the status messages returned by the API since they're being accessed by Ace. This needs to be implemented in a better way
  • Currently testing and experimenting with Github API to commit files, push/pull/etc directly from WDE
  • Creating a one-file build for portability as well as a modular build of components
  • Adding ability to work with Composer to automatically install scripts
  • Add WebSSH if possible
  • Make more modular, possibly switch from Angular to Vue
  • Adding ability to copy/cut/paste files, as well as drag and drop abilities
  • Add more hotkeys
  • Add a JS MySQL interface
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