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<title>A guide to the Adroa theme</title>

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<h1>Adroa WordPress theme</h1>

<p class="first"><em>Adroa</em> is a parent theme for WordPress.  It was created to be a well-designed theme for photobloggers to showcase their portfolio photos.</p>

<p class="second">This theme is a parent theme.  What this means is that to customize it, you should be creating a child theme.  <em>Is it a theme framework?</em>  Some people might call it that.  All you need to know is that it's a solid, yet flexible, starting point for any blog.</p>


<p><em>Adroa</em> is built from the rock-solid <a href="" title="Hybrid Core theme framework">Hybrid Core</a> theme framework, so it provides a great starting point with many useful features.</p>

    <li>Ready to showcase your portfolio with the <a href="">CPT - Portfolio</a> plugin.</li>
    <li>Already tested and encourage the use of <a href="">Grid Columns</a> plugin.</li>
    <li>Allow users to easily set a featured header image by post.</li>
	<li>Per-post layouts that allow you to quickly change the layout of your site.</li>
	<li>Post setting that allows you to add a custom stylesheet for individual posts.</li>
	<li>A smart breadcrumb menu that handles tons of permalink setups.</li>
	<li>Built-in pagination for your home, archive, and search pages.</li>
	<li>Post thumbnails that work with WordPress' featured image functionality and provide extra features.</li>
	<li>Dynamic body, post, and comment <acronym title="Cascading Style Sheets">CSS</acronym> classes.</li>
	<li>Fully internationalized, so you can run the theme in any language.</li>
	<li>Uses the built-in WordPress menu system. No need to hack your navigation into place.</li>
	<li>Context-aware action and filter hooks, so you don't have to learn WordPress conditional tags.</li>
	<li>Some of the most-used filter hooks are shortcode-ready and have accompanying shortcodes.</li>
	<li>Theme settings page that allows you to add custom meta boxes and settings.</li>
	<li>Ability to create custom templates for any post type in multiple ways.</li>
	<li>Highly-configurable widgets that give you full control over their display.</li>
	<li>Widget areas are content-aware, meaning that they only appear if they contain active widgets.</li>
	<li>And much, much more!</li>

<h2>Child themes</h2>

<p>Since <em>Adroa</em> is a parent theme, you'll want to create a child theme if you plan on making any customizations.  <em>Don't know how to make a child theme?</em>  It's relatively simple.  Just follow the below steps.</p>

	<li>Create a theme folder in your <code>/wp-content/themes</code> directory called <code>adroa-child</code>.</li>
	<li>Then, create a <code>style.css</code> file within your theme folder.</li>
	<li>At the top of your <code>style.css</code> file, add the below information.</li>

 * Theme Name: Adroa Child
 * Theme URI:
 * Description: Describe what your theme should be like.
 * Version: 0.1
 * Author: Your Name
 * Author URI:
 * Tags: Add, Whatever, Tags, You, Want
 * Template: adroa

<p>This will give you a blank design.  If you want to import the <em>Adroa</em> parent theme style, simply append this code after the above information:</p>

<pre><code>@import url( '../adroa/style.css' );

/* Custom code goes below here. */</code></pre>

<p>Note that child themes are now the officially-supported way of modifying themes in WordPress.</p>

<h2>Theme support</h2>

<p>Support for the <em>Adroa</em> theme is not offered on the WordPress support forums.  There is a community called <a href="" title="Theme Hybrid">Theme Hybrid</a> where support is offered for this theme.  You are encouraged to sign up to the site to use its support forums and become a part of the community.</p>

<h2>Copyright &amp; license</h2>

<p><em>Adroa</em> is licensed under the <a href="" title="GNU GPL">GNU General Public License</a>, version 2 (<acronym title="GNU General Public License">GPL</acronym>).</p>

<p>This theme is copyrighted to <a href="" title="Thremes">Thiago Senna</a>.</p>

<p>2012 &copy; Thremes.  All rights reserved.</p>



Adroa was created for photographers and photobloggers to show off their images in a light and fashion style.



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