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An OS based on a x86-Microkernel written in FreeBASIC.
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What is FROST?

FROST is a 32-bit operating system based on a microkernel. It is written entirely in FreeBASIC and Assembly.


  • fbc, tested with 1.05.0 (the FreeBASIC compiler, available on
  • nasm, tested with 2.11.08 (the Netwide Assembler, available on
  • GNU make, GNU assembler and the GNU linker

Building FROST

To build the kernel, you can type "make" in the "kernel" directory. You will then get a file called "frost.krn" which is the kernel. Building the init-process is very similar. If you want to get a full iso with grub2 and a menu, type "./" in the "build"-directory. You will then get a file called "frost.iso" which is the iso-image. On some Linux distributions the script will fail because they contain genisoimage from cdrkit instead of mkisofs from cdrtools. You can create a link on genisoimage named mkisofs, but I strongly recommend installing cdrtools instead of cdrkit. If cdrtools is not available on your distribution, please contact its maintainers (I don't want to get into a debate here, but cdrkit received it's last commit three years ago).

Directory layout

  • ./kernel/src/ The source of the kernel
  • ./kernel/include/ The headers of the kernel
  • ./build/ Contains the build-scripts and the grub.cfg
  • ./doc/ Contains documentation for FROST
  • ./init/ Contains the source of the init-process
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