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import photos
geotag all photos
select photos that are going to be uploaded
modify/enhance photos to be uploaded
upload photos : collection to put it in, set name, set description
Collection/Set Structure: ??
couchdb/mysql data structure:
trips -> start date, end date, name, places, summary
places -> country, state, city
photosets -> place(s), trip
gps data -> trip, place(s), date, gpx, description
journal tags -> tag
tagEntryMap -> tagid, entryid
journal entries -> place(s), title, date, author, tags
expense data -> place(s), amount, date
conversion/exchange rate data?
View all trips
view all places
flickr structure:
google analytics
tinymce for wysiwyg editor backend
About Page (?):
Landing Page:
Single Blog Entry Page:
Trip: date range, journal entries, photos, gps data
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