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CMock CI

CMock is a mock and stub generator and runtime for unit testing C. It's been designed to work smoothly with Unity Test, another of the embedded-software testing tools developed by CMock automagically parses your C headers and creates useful and usable mock interfaces for unit testing. Give it a try!

If you don't care to manage unit testing builds yourself, consider checking out Ceedling, a test-centered build manager for unit testing C code.

Getting Started

If you're using Ceedling, there is no need to install CMock. It will handle it for you. For everyone else, the simplest way is to grab it off github. You can also download it as a zip if you prefer. The Github method looks something like this:

> git clone --recursive
> cd cmock
> bundle install # Ensures you have all RubyGems needed

If you plan to help with the development of CMock (or just want to verify that it can perform its self tests on your system) then you can enter the test directory and then ask it to test:

> cd test
> rake # Run all CMock self tests

API Documentation