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define 'mobone.firebase', (exports, root) ->
# Helper to get a value from an object via a property or a function.
getValue = (target, name) ->
if not target? or not target[name]?
method = target[name]
if _.isFunction method then method() else method
# Helper to notify after a sync.
notifyOn: (success, options) =>
if success and options.success?
else if not success and options.error?
# Sync logic shared between ``FirebaseModel`` and ``Firebone.Collection``.
firebaseSync: (firebase_cls, method, model, options) ->
# Default options to an empty dict.
options = {} if not options?
# Setup the Firebase reference to the model (note that this uses the
# collection's url as a base url by default).
url = getValue model, 'url'
ref = new firebase_cls url
# Map CRUD to Firebase actions.
switch method
when 'create'
ref.push model.toJSON(), (success) ->
notifyOn success, options
when 'read'
ref.once 'value', (snapshot) ->
items = _.toArray snapshot.val()
if options.success?
options.success items, 'success', {}
when 'update'
ref.set model.toJSON(), (success) ->
notifyOn success, options
when 'delete'
ref.remove (success) ->
notifyOn success, options
# ``FirebaseModel`` is a `Backbone.Model`_ subclass that syncs with
# a `Firebase reference`_. Use it with the ``FirebaseCollection`` below.
# _`Backbone.Model`:
# _`Firebase reference`:
class FirebaseModel extends Backbone.Model
idAttribute: '_firebase_name'
sync: (method, model, options) =>
# Unpack the firebase class to use.
c = @collection
firebase_cls = if c.firebase_cls? then c.firebase_cls else Firebase
firebaseSync firebase_cls, method, model, options
# ``FirebaseCollection`` is a `Backbone.Collection`_ subclass that syncs with
# a `Firebase reference`_.
# When you instantiate, pass in a reference ``url`` to a `Firebase list`_::
# models = null
# options =
# url = ''
# collection = new FirebaseCollection models, options
# Or provide ``collection.url`` or ``collection.url()``, e.g.::
# class MyFBCollection extends FirebaseCollection
# url: -> "https://#{appname}{path}"
# Your collection will now stay in sync with your Firebase list, i.e.:
# * pushing an item to Firebase will add a model to the collection
# * removing a model from the Firebase will remove it from the collection
# _`Backbone.Collection`:
# _`Firebase reference`:
# _`Firebase list`:
class FirebaseCollection extends Backbone.Collection
model: FirebaseModel
events: ['child_added', 'child_changed', 'child_removed']
idAttribute: '_firebase_name'
url: null
firebase_cls: null
_add_snapshot: (snapshot) =>
# Set the model id attribute to be the firebase reference name.
data = snapshot.val()
data[@options.idAttribute] =
instance = new @model data
@add instance
@trigger 'remote_create', instance
sync: (method, model, options) =>
firebaseSync @firebase_cls, method, model, options
child_added: (snapshot) =>
# Add the new child to the collection.
@_add_snapshot snapshot
child_changed: (snapshot) =>
# If the child is already in the collection, update it, otherwise
# add it to the collection.
instance = @get
if instance
instance.set snapshot.val()
@trigger 'remote_update', instance
@_add_snapshot snapshot
child_removed: (snapshot) =>
# If the child is in the collection, remove it.
instance = @get
if instance
@remove instance
@trigger 'remote_destroy', instance
initialize: (models, options) ->
# Extend ``@defaults`` with the ``options`` provided.
@options = _.defaults options, @defaults
# Unpack the firebase class to use (allows an alternative implementation
# or mock to be passed in).
@firebase_cls = @options.firebase_cls or Firebase
# Get the reference url.
url = @options.url or getValue this, 'url'
# Create a firebase reference.
@firebase = new @firebase_cls url
# Bind to firebase events.
for item in
@firebase.on item, this[item]
exports.FirebaseModel = FirebaseModel
exports.FirebaseCollection = FirebaseCollection