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weblayer is a lightweight, componentised Python package for writing web applications

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weblayer is a Python package, built on WebOb, that provides a set of components that can be used to handle requests within a WSGI application.

It is not a framework. In contrast, weblayer tries to prescribe as little as possible, allowing you to swap out components and work with your weapons of choice.

It's fast, tested and documented. The source code is public domain.


weblayer requires Python version 2.5 to 2.7. It's operating system independent, so runs on Unix (including Mac OSX) and on Windows. Install it via the Python Package Index using Setuptools:

easy_install weblayer


To develop (or play around with) it, get the source code using Git:

git clone git://
cd weblayer

Develop the egg:

python develop

Install the additional dependencies:

easy_install weblayer[dev]

Run the tests:

nosetests -c etc/nose.cfg

Generate the docs:

sphinx-build -a -b html doc doc/_build

If you have any problems or suggestions, Github Issues is the place to raise a ticket.


See the User Guide and examples for more information.

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