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#include <unittest/unittest.h>
#include <thrust/tuple.h>
#include <thrust/scan.h>
#include <thrust/transform.h>
using namespace unittest;
template <typename Tuple>
__host__ __device__
Tuple operator+(const Tuple &lhs, const Tuple &rhs)
using namespace thrust;
return make_tuple(get<0>(lhs) + get<0>(rhs),
get<1>(lhs) + get<1>(rhs));
struct MakeTupleFunctor
template<typename T1, typename T2>
__host__ __device__
thrust::tuple<T1,T2> operator()(T1 &lhs, T2 &rhs)
return thrust::make_tuple(lhs, rhs);
template <typename T>
struct TestTupleScan
void operator()(const size_t n)
using namespace thrust;
host_vector<T> h_t1 = unittest::random_integers<T>(n);
host_vector<T> h_t2 = unittest::random_integers<T>(n);
// initialize input
host_vector< tuple<T,T> > h_input(n);
transform(h_t1.begin(), h_t1.end(),
h_t2.begin(), h_input.begin(),
device_vector< tuple<T,T> > d_input = h_input;
// allocate output
tuple<T,T> zero(0,0);
host_vector < tuple<T,T> > h_output(n, zero);
device_vector< tuple<T,T> > d_output(n, zero);
// exclusive_scan
inclusive_scan(h_input.begin(), h_input.end(), h_output.begin());
inclusive_scan(d_input.begin(), d_input.end(), d_output.begin());
ASSERT_EQUAL_QUIET(h_output, d_output);
// exclusive_scan
tuple<T,T> init(13,17);
exclusive_scan(h_input.begin(), h_input.end(), h_output.begin(), init);
exclusive_scan(d_input.begin(), d_input.end(), d_output.begin(), init);
ASSERT_EQUAL_QUIET(h_output, d_output);
VariableUnitTest<TestTupleScan, IntegralTypes> TestTupleScanInstance;
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