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Thrust is an open source library of parallel algorithms with an interface
resembling the C++ Standard Template Library (STL). The primary developers
of Thrust are Jared Hoberock [1] and Nathan Bell [2] of NVIDIA Research.
We wish to thank the following people, who have made important intellectual
and/or software contributions to the project:
* Andrew Corrigan
* David Tarjan
* Duane Merrill
* Erich Elsen
* Gregory Diamos
* Manjunath Kudlur
* Mark Harris
* Michael Garland
* Nadathur Satish
* Nathan Whitehead
* Ryuta Suzuki
* Shubho Sengupta
* Thomas Bradley
We also thank the compiler group at NVIDIA for their continued improvements to
nvcc. In particular, we appreciate the work Bastiaan Aarts has done to enhance
nvcc's C++ support.
Lastly, Thrust has greatly benefited from the design and implementation of
the Boost Iterator, Tuple, System, Phoenix, and Random Number libraries [3].
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