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The changelog for newer releases can be found here

Sieve 0.2.3 - (in Progress)

Development builds can be found in the Downloads section.

Sieve 0.2.2 - (22.09.2012)

  • [NEW] Syntax highlight in text editor. It is based on CodeMirror
  • [NEW] Merge dialog if local script is newer than the remote.
  • [NEW] Support for thunderbird's upcoming AppMenu
  • [NEW] Changed indication in tab title
  • [FIXED] Closing Tab in offline mode could fail

Sieve 0.2.1 - (15.08.2012)

  • [NEW] Extension is restartless / Bootstrapped
  • [NEW] Spanish locale
  • [UPDATED] All strings should now be localized
  • [UPDATED] French and German translations
  • [UPDATED] Improved look and feel
  • [UPDATED] Improved error handling and error messages
  • [FIXED] Improved close and shutdown behavior
  • [FIXED] Referrals broken, because session was lost after connect
  • [FIXED] Toolbar in graphical editor now scrolls in x-position but maintains it's y-position
  • [FIXED] Side and side and error bar dimensions should persist
  • [FIXED] "Source View" button partly broken

Sieve 0.2.0 - (02.04.2012)

  • [NEW] Graphical Interface for editing scripts
  • [UPDATE] French locale

Sieve 0.1.14 - (16.12.2011)

  • [NEW] SCRAM-SHA1 support
  • [NEW] Tabbed UI
  • [FIXED] CRAM-MD5 compatibility issues
  • [FIXED] Packet fragmentation caused starttls workaround to randomly fail

Sieve 0.1.13 - (19.07.2011)

  • [UPDATED] Change default port to 4190 (see RFC5804)
  • [UPDATED] Hostname and Port configuration separated
  • [UPDATED] Improved workaround for cyrus STARTTLS bug
  • [FIXED] SASL CRAM-MD5 failed on Dovecot
  • [NEW] Connection pipelining
  • [NEW] Support Tabulator Key in the Editor
  • [NEW] Option to Force TLS
  • [NEW] Account Wizard

Sieve 0.1.12 - (04.04.2011)

  • [FIXED] Referrals
  • [FIXED] Detect timeouts more reliable

Sieve 0.1.11 - (19.02.2011)

  • [NEW] Non modal windows instead of modal dialogs
  • [NEW] Concurrent sieve session
  • [NEW] Postbox 2.x support
  • [NEW] Seamonkey support
  • [UDATED] Improved support for Thunderbird's offline mode

Sieve 0.1.10 - (01.08.2010)

  • [NEW] Toolbar button
  • [NEW] Support and Detect Thunderbird's offline mode
  • [NEW] Gecko 2.0 support
  • [UPDATED] Improve / reduce code footprint
  • [FIXED] Overriding expired certificates
  • [NEW] Tolerate non RFC conform response codes from broken cyrus servers

Sieve 0.1.9 - (08.02.2010)

  • [FIXED] Unusable Account Manager due to bad character in French locale
  • [UPDATED] French and German translations
  • [NEW] Russian locale
  • [NEW] Socks Proxy support
  • [NEW] Postbox 1.x support

Sieve 0.1.8 (04.01.2010)

  • [FIXED] Use deprecated SASL LOGIN only as last resort
  • [NEW] Line numbers in editor

Sieve 0.1.7 (11.12.2009)

  • [NEW] Support Thunderbird 3's new Password Manager
  • [NEW] Settings Dialog integrated into Thunderbird's account manager
  • [NEW] Search and replace within a Sieve script
  • [FIXED] Exporting scripts on Linux
  • [NEW] Sort scripts by name
  • [FIXED] Renaming an active script on dovecot servers
  • [NEW] Implement Extension core as components
  • [FIXED] Override bad certificates in Thunderbird 3
  • [NEW] French locale

Sieve 0.1.6 (12.10.2008)

  • [FIXED] Empty windows on Linux
  • [NEW] German locale

Sieve 0.1.5 (03.10.2008)

  • [NEW] Extended debug output
  • [NEW] SASL proxy authorization
  • [NEW] SASL authentication mechanism can be forced
  • [UPDATED] Improved error handling
  • [NEW] Enable secure extension updates
  • [FIXED] TLS handshake failed with non cyrus server
  • [NEW] Capability dialog integrated into SieveFilters window
  • [UPDATED] Option & Filter Editor UI
  • [NEW] Display Cursor position in statusbar
  • [NEW] Sidebar with a Sieve Language reference
  • [UPDATED] custom authentication
  • [FIXED] UTF-8 compatibility issues

Sieve 0.1.4 (22.04.2007)

  • [FIXED] "SASL Login" mechanism
  • [FIXED] Large sieve scripts caused the extension to die silently due to packet fragmentation
  • [FIXED] UTF-8 compatibility issues

Sieve 0.1.3 (30.09.2006)

  • [NEW] SASL Login mechanism
  • [FIXED] Line break related issues

Sieve 0.1.2 (03.09.2006)

  • [NEW] Automatic Extension updates
  • [FIXED] Line break issue "line 1: syntax error,..."
  • [NEW] Rename button
  • [NEW] Debug mode

Sieve 0.1.1 (10.05.2006)

  • [NEW] Referrals
  • [UPDATED] Error handling improved
  • [FIXED] Settings dialog

Sieve 0.1.0 (01.05.2006)

  • [NEW] Initial release