Very generic PHP script to grab a VPN from and connect to it. Linux only.
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Very Simple VPN Gate Script

This is an extremly simple script to connect to a VPN from the service. The script currently only runs on Linux,requires openvpn, and sudo in order to run.

Example usage to connect to a specific country (South Korea, in this case):

sudo php vpngate.php -c kr
Attempting to connect to KR -
Connected to KR - successfully.

Example usage to check the status of any current VPN connection on the system (this is interactive)

sudo php vpngate.php -c kr -s
VPN is running. Kill it? [y/yes/n/no]: y
VPN is not running. Start one? [y/yes/n/no]: y
Attempting to connect to KR -
Connected to KR - successfully.

You can opt to leave off a country, in that case the script will try the very first VPN in the list.

If the script is unable to connect to a VPN it will continue throughout the list until it runs out of options for either the selected country or every entry returned from the service.