A proof of concept Django application that supplies default for it's own settings.
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Default Settings for Django Applications

This repository contains a proof of concept Django application that ships default values for its own settings. This is good for a number of reasons:

  1. The application's settings are included in the output of manage.py diffsettings.

  2. Application code can just use settings.MY_SETTING instead of getattr(settings, 'MY_SETTING', 'The default value').

  3. Application settings are defined in a single place, with sane default values and, hopefully, with comments. Don't Repeat Yourself!

The actual code is rather simple: it just uses the opportunity afforded it when the application module is loaded to inject its own default settings into both the django.conf.global_settings module (Django's built-in default settings, and the source for things like the diffsettings management command) and the django.conf.settings object (being careful to check to see if it already contains a value).

To see more, take a look at:

This is slightly less than a perfect solution (being able to patch django.conf.global_settings before django.conf.settings is initialised), but the hypothetical perfection is simply not possible: the settings must be loaded before they can be used to import the INSTALLED_APPS.

A more complete solution to this problem might allow applications to modify various settings instead of adding only new settings: things like enabling its middleware or request context processors by default, for example. Alas, it's late and I'm tired, so I'll leave that to someone else; this trick is good enough for my purposes as it stands.

If you have a better solution or know why this is a bad one, please let me know. Send me a message on GitHub, on Twitter, or by email.