Re-usable Django app for accepting multiple files in form fields.
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Django MultiFile

This is a Django app that provides simple support for multiple-file input fields in Django forms. This makes it easier to keep all your validation and handling code in the form class.

It probably doesn't deserve to be an app, but I don't have enough repositories on GitHub!


Using this is pretty simple: just import multifile.forms.MultiFileField and use it in a form!

Of course, you'll need to make sure you've got the media (in particular, jQuery and the Multiple File Upload plugin) installed in the correct place. By default, they're included as MEDIA_URL/js/jquery.js and MEDIA_URL/js/jquery.multifile.js. If you need this to be somewhere else, you'd probably be better offer just modifying the code than me hacking some method of overriding media the paths.


This package incorporates, but does not require, the Multiple File Upload jQuery plugin by Any of the various similar plugins for jQuery or other JavaScript frameworks will also work!