Thug's Rumāl: a Thug's dress & weapon
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Thug's Rumāl

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A rumāl is a piece of clothing similar to a handkerchief or bandana. [...] The rumāl was used by the Thugs in India as a method of strangulation. A coin was knotted in one end of the scarf, and would be swung around the neck of the victim; who would then be strangled in the most brutal and abhorrent manner.

This project aims to be Thug's dress - providing a convenient web GUI - but also its weapon, as it should provide a set of tools that should enrich Thug's output with new metadata and allow for correlation of results.

While it is perfectly possible to use it as a simple web GUI for Thug on your own computer, with you as the only user, Rumāl has been designed to support multi-user environments, just like a sort of social network, allowing you to share your results and your settings with other users and groups.


Documentation about Rumal architecture, installation and usage can be found at


Random thoughts

  • The server-side part of the GUI should be as lightweight as possible. We should try keeping the overall number of Django views low and to work on extensive APIs.
  • Rendering should be performed at client-side, trying to avoid full page refreshes in favor of API calls via JQuery and subsequent DOM modifications.
  • Let's think of Rumāl as a sort of social network. Elements (analyses, results, metadata, configurations) should be easily shared with other users/groups or even made public. Look at the user (owner), sharing_model and sharing_groups fields of Task and Proxy in interface/ to get an idea of what I mean.


Rumal is licensed under the GPLv2 or later. Rumal releases also include and make use of other libraries with their own separate licenses.

The license is available here.