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Sinatra runtime and testing helpers, extensions, and macros used commonly by Thumble Monks



It's my kind of town!
- Sinatra

Yeah, we're real clever. We're also from "The city in mid-west best city in the whole wide wide world" ... which makes us double the clever.

Chicago is a collection of test extensions and helpers that makes some common tasks in Sinatra a little bit easier.


Installing chicago is a quick gem install:

gem install chicago


Sinatra testing

If you're using Riot in your tests of your Sinatra app, do this:

require 'chicago/riot'

... and you'll get a bunch of cool Riot macros for testing specific Sinatra stuff:

  • asserts_response
  • asserts_response_status
  • asserts_content_type
  • asserts_response_body
  • asserts_location
  • asserts_json_response
  • asserts_redirected_to
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