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Thumble Monks at GitHub
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<h1>Painting with code</h1>
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<h3><a href=''>Smurf</a></h3>
Smurf is a Rails plugin which will automatically minify any JavaScript and/or CSS
content that is cached through the Rails asset-bundler.
Service application for recording and retrieving user comments for a particular URL.
No matter what the URL is. This is one of the products of our service suite. We're trying
to eliminate your need for a database to implement common solutions.
<h3><a href=''>Evoke</a></h3>
Service application for storing and invoking delayed HTTP callbacks. Another one of our
service suite solutions.
<h3><a href=''>Chicago</a></h3>
Sinatra runtime and testing extensions used commonly by Thumble Monks. But, we don't want
to be the only ones using it. We want everyone to use it and make it better.
<h3><a href=''>Load Model</a></h3>
Rails Controller plugin to tie models to a request/action
<h3><a href=''>Asset Auto-include</a></h3>
A Rails plugin to automatically include javascript and stylesheet files
<h3><a href=''>Grudge</a></h3>
Stand-alone git repository comment rater. It uses Sinatra and DataMapper for the backend,
but you can use it anywhere you want to watch a git repository.
<h3><a href=''>Nubs</a></h3>
Rails ActiveRecord plugin for providing little nuggets of information to models, which
have little to no validation requirements.
<h3><a href=''>Session Consistency</a></h3>
Removes TestExtensions as Rails 2.0 now adds its own user_agent getter
<h3><a href=''>Validates All</a></h3>
Extends AR Validations to add a "validates_all" method which is similar to "validates_each".
<div class='sidebar'>
<h2>What do you want to know?</h2>
<p>We do it all for fun! If you do too, get ahold of us.</p>
<p>We love challenges!</p>
<p>We love pull requests!</p>
We want to solve the common problems of application development in elegant ways.
We believe DRY applies to more than just snippets of code. It applies to entire
service solutions.
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<a href=''>Copyright &copy;</a>
2007 -
<a href=''>Thumble Monks</a>
<a href=""><img id="ribbon" src="" alt="Fork me on GitHub" /></a>
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