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What people say about thumbor

"Thumbor made our lives better. We moved to Thumbor and now, we cannot live without it" - From Properati.

"Thumbor allows Yipit to iterate quickly on new designs. Our initial Thumbor installation took less than an hour to set up, and we haven't had to spend much time thinking about it since then." - From Yipit.

"With Thumbor we can quickly iterate and make changes to our layouts serving the optimal image format each time. Thumbor is awesome!" - From oony

"Thumbor helps us in decoupling applications from our storage backend. We were able to move from a centralized NFS storage to a distributed storage with a simple plug-in. Thumbor is really comfortable for Ops." - From Viadeo

What's Thumbor

Thumbor is a smart imaging service. It enables on-demand crop, resizing and flipping of images.

It features a VERY smart detection of important points in the image for better cropping and resizing, using state-of-the-art face and feature detection algorithms (more on that in Detection Algorithms).

Using thumbor is very easy (after it is running). All you have to do is access it using an URL for an image, like this:


That URL would show an image of the big brother brasil participants in 300x200 using smart crop. There are several other options to the image URL configuration. You can check them in the Usage page. For more details on the /unsafe part of the URL, check the Security page.

The safe url for the above URL would look like (check Security for more details):



Release 4.0.0 introduces a breaking change if you are using either the GraphicsMagick or the OpenCV Imaging engines. Please read the Release Notes for more information.

Want to know how many kb thumbor would save for your website?

Getting Started

Who's using it



Security and Hosting

Uploading Original Pictures (new API)

Uploading Original Pictures (old API)

Crop, Resize, Detection and Filters

Thumbor Extensible Parts


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