Code release of "Deep Visual-Semantic Quantization of Efficient Image Retrieval" (CVPR 17)
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This is the Tensorflow (Version 0.11) implementation of CVPR-17 paper "Deep Visual-Semantic Quantization for Efficient Image Retrieval". The descriptions of files in this directory are listed below:

  • contains the main implementation (network structure, loss function, optimization procedure and etc.) of the proposed approach dvsq.
  • contains the implementation of dvsq for evaluation.
  • contains the implementation of Dataset, MAP and ProcessBar.
  • gives an example to show how to train dvsq model.
  • gives an example to show how to evaluate the trained quantization model.
  • gives an example to show the full procedure of training and evaluating the proposed approach dvsq.

Data Preparation

In data/nuswide_81/train.txt, we give an example to show how to prepare image training data. In data/nuswide_81/test.txt and data/nuswide_81/database.txt, the list of testing and database images could be processed during predicting procedure. In data/nuswide_81/nuswide_wordvec.txt, we have already prepared the word vectors of the labels extracted by Word2Vec model pretrained on Google News Dataset.

Training Model and Predicting

The bvlc_reference_caffenet is used as the pre-trained model. If the NUS_WIDE dataset and pre-trained caffemodel is prepared, the example can be run with the following command:



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