Source code from the DefCon18 badge hacking contest.
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This is a copy of the DefCon 18 Badge source code (written by
Kingpin), directly from the conference CD.  The original code and
other information can be found on Kingpin's website:

The purpose of this repository is to give git users a "reference copy"
that can be cloned/forked, and a way for other users to discover these


If, like me, you already had a git repository of the sources, then you
can still create a fork without losing your entire version history.
The "git filter-branch" command will let you prepend another history
before your initial commit.  The man page describes the different
scenarios, but if you have a typical repository with only a single
initial/root commit, you can use the same steps I took:

1. Load the reference copy commits into my local repository:
  $ git remote add refcopy git://
  $ git fetch refcopy

2. Pick a commit from the reference copy to be the parent of your
   initial commit. (I use "gitk --all &" to inspect all the commits.)
   Currently, commit 6111b673... is the newest commit in the reference
   copy, so I chose that to be the parent of my initial commit.

3. Rewrite the parent.  (Replace "6111b67" with the commit id that you
  $ git filter-branch --parent-filter 'sed "s/^\$/-p 6111b67/"' HEAD

4. Now you can remove the 'refcopy' source.
  $ git remote rm refcopy

5. And push to your github account!