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= ruote-kit - CHANGELOG.txt
== ruote-kit - 2.3.0 not yet released
- fix timers with nil target rendering (Thanks Danny Fullerton)
- RuoteKit.worklist (alias to RuoteKit.store_participant)
- RuoteKit.dashboard (alias to RuoteKit.engine)
- ruote-fluo adapted to FF7 (mozDrawText -> fillText)
- Error : actually showing where the error is (red pin)
- Pause/resume expression (breakpoint too)
- Pause/resume process instance
- Upgraded to Haml 3.1.2
- Making sure run_worker really sets RuoteKit.engine
- Fixed issue with :skip vs :offset for query_workitems (Thanks Eric Smith)
- Upgraded to Sinatra 1.2.x (Simone Carletti)
- Upgraded to RSpec 2.5.x (Simone Carletti)
- Upgraded to jQuery 1.5.2 (Simone Carletti)
- Fixed issue that caused the application to generate invalid asset URLs
when RuoteKit::Application is mounted with a --prefix (Simone Carletti)
== ruote-kit - 2.2.0 released 2011/03/02
- Adapted to ruote 2.2.0 : Parser -> Reader (patch by Chris Buben)
== ruote-kit - 2.1.11 not released
- RuoteKit.run_worker(storage) will not return (since it will let the worker
run in the current thread)
- /participants resource
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