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Syncthing RPM Package for Fedora

This repository allows you to make an RPM package for Syncthing on Fedora systems. I also created a first RPM package for i686/x64 and added to the RPMS folder if you want to install the Syncthing service to system for your own usage.

After installation usage :

RPM packages add "syncthing" and "syncthing@.service" that allows you to run "syncthing" service for each user and create their own config file, thus Syncthing will not conflict with other conf files.

Username part will be your username in your system.

To start service (as root)

systemctl start syncthing@username.service

To stop service

systemctl stop syncthing@username.service

To enable on boot

systemctl enable syncthing@username.service

Fedora Repository Installation

Fedora Copr Repository :

Website :

Forum :

Getting Started :

License : MIT