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  • Fix fetch breaking retry when used with Redis namespaces. [#109]
  • Redis connection now just a plain ConnectionPool, not CP::Wrapper.
  • Capistrano initial deploy fix [#106]
  • Re-implemented weighted queues support (ryanlecompte)


  • Client-side API changes, added sidekiq_options for Sidekiq::Worker. As a side effect of this change, the client API works on Ruby 1.8. It's not officially supported but should work [#103]
  • NO POLL! Sidekiq no longer polls Redis, leading to lower network utilization and lower latency for message processing.
  • Add --version CLI option


  • Add details page for jobs in retry queue (jcoene)
  • Display relative timestamps in web interface (jcoene)
  • Capistrano fixes (hinrik, bensie)


  • Reworked capistrano recipe to make it more fault-tolerant [#94].
  • Automatic failure retry! Sidekiq will now save failed messages and retry them, with an exponential backoff, over about 20 days. Did a message fail to process? Just deploy a bug fix in the next few days and Sidekiq will retry the message eventually.


  • Fix missed deprecations, poor method name in web UI


  • Add -t option to configure the TERM shutdown timeout
  • TERM shutdown timeout is now configurable, defaults to 5 seconds.
  • USR1 signal now stops Sidekiq from accepting new work, capistrano sends USR1 at start of deploy and TERM at end of deploy giving workers the maximum amount of time to finish.
  • New Sidekiq::Web rack application available
  • Updated Sidekiq.redis API


  • Remove :namespace and :server CLI options (mperham)
  • Add ExceptionNotifier support (masterkain)
  • Add capistrano support (mperham)
  • Workers now log upon start and finish (mperham)
  • Messages for terminated workers are now automatically requeued (mperham)
  • Add support for Exceptional error reporting (bensie)


  • Example chef recipe and monitrc script (jc00ke)
  • Refactor global configuration into Sidekiq.configure_server and Sidekiq.configure_client blocks. (mperham)
  • Add optional middleware FailureJobs which saves failed jobs to a 'failed' queue (fbjork)
  • Upon shutdown, workers are now terminated after 5 seconds. This is to meet Heroku's hard limit of 10 seconds for a process to shutdown. (mperham)
  • Refactor middleware API for simplicity, see sidekiq/middleware/chain. (mperham)
  • Add delay extensions for ActionMailer and ActiveRecord. (mperham)
  • Added config file support. See test/config.yml for an example file. (jc00ke)
  • Added pidfile for tools like monit (jc00ke)


  • Resque-compatible processing stats in redis (mperham)
  • Simple client testing support in sidekiq/testing (mperham)
  • Plain old Ruby support via the -r cli flag (mperham)
  • Refactored middleware support, introducing ability to add client-side middleware (ryanlecompte)
  • Added middleware for ignoring duplicate jobs (ryanlecompte)
  • Added middleware for displaying jobs in resque-web dashboard (maxjustus)
  • Added redis namespacing support (maxjustus)


  • Initial release!
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