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VRegExp - Visual Regex Explorer

A Perl/Tk GUI based regex tweaking / testing utility.

Author: Stephen Schulze (thundergnat)

An extension/modification of a regex tweaking utility I had posted on in Sept 2011.

Edit regexes with near instant feedback on syntax errors. 
Test your regex against a piece of text for feedback on if it matches,
what it matches, where it matches and what is in each capture group.

See what the effect of modification flags has on what your regex matches.
Supports (ismx) flags as well as the (g) global modifier.

Uses YAPE::Regex::Explain to give detailed explanations of what any valid
regex. (As long as it doesn't use any of the extensions added in perl 5.10
or later. That's a limitation of Y::R::E. If it gets updated, then so will

Works and tested on Windows and Linux. Allows customization of font family
and size for the various interface elements. Remembers any customizations 
as well as window size / placement / layout from session to session.