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A simplified, open-source version of for self-hosting in environments where privacy/security is a concern.

By default, it will generate the PDF but not return it via email. To change this, make sure you have a working MTA and edit bin/, set $email_result = 1

Required packages (available in Ubuntu 12.04/14.04):

  • libtext-markdown-perl
  • libhtml-fromtext-perl
  • libemail-mime-perl
  • libfile-slurp-perl
  • libxml-feed-perl
  • mpack
  • poppler-utils (for pdf2text conversions)
  • pandoc (for pdf2word conversions)
  • A copy of a compiled wkhtmltopdf binary (I have used this version in the past, but now compile my own as described here)

The following Perl modules need to be installed from CPAN:

For attachment conversions:

  • libreoffice (requires universe in sources.list)
  • libgxps-utils (for .xps files)
  • imagemagick (for images)

Other optional packages:

  • a2ps (raw text2pdf, no HTML-ification) - not enabled by default


  • Copy bin/ and etc/ to /usr/local/
  • Pipe an email message to over stdin (I use procmail)
  • Options to
    • --no-headers - Don't include email headers at top of converted PDF (From/To/Subject/Date)
    • --convert-attachment - Attempt to convert the first valid attachment found in an email
    • --force-url - Convert the first URL found in a message body
    • --force-rss-url - Treat the first URL found in a message body as an RSS feed and convert the body found in the first entry
    • --force-content-url - Only retrieve the main content of the URL, similar to Readability, implies --no-headers
    • --no-javascript - Will perform web conversion requests with javascript disabled
    • --papersize <size> - Change the papersize on the resulting PDF (defaults to A4)
    • --pdf-to-text - Attempts to convert a PDF back to text only
    • --pdf-to-word - Attempts to convert a PDF to Microsoft Word format
    • --force-from <address> - Force the response to come from a specific address
    • --force-markdown - Treat inline text as Markdown, implies --no-headers
    • --blurb-include-orig - Include the body of the original message in the response body


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