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Import Export Tools that supports Thunderbird 68.
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IETng icon Import Export Tools NG

ImportExportTools NG adds import and export functions for messages, folders and profiles.

This derivative add-on is the update of the original work of Paolo "Kaosmos", ImportExportTools. The add-on is being updated for Thunderbird 68 (and 60) so that users can continue to enjoy the functionality of this great add-on.

The first NG release, 4.0.0 , is a fork of v3.3.2 of the original add-on with the same functionality. The name and icon have been changed to differentiate from the original version.

News: Release 4.0.1 - Maintenance and Options for folder creation, storage type, TB69 support.

Original Add-on homepage:

Original extension homepage of the author:

IETng_version IETng_tb_version Thunderbird_version License: GPL 3.0 Release Status

Import Export Tools NG Add-On Features


  • Tools (most import and export functions including profiles)
  • Folders (most import and export functions)
  • Search dialog (export search results)
  • Selected messages (export or copy to clipboard)


  • Individual folder(s), optionally including subfolders (mbox format)
  • All folder messages in the following formats:
    • EML, HTML, PDF, CSV or plaintext
    • Export as individual files or a single file
    • Optionally include attachments
    • Export indexes as plain text or CSV
    • Extensive file naming convention options
    • Export messages from search dialog


  • Mbox files (including structure)
  • EML & EMLX files
  • Individual or all directory files


  • Export complete profile or just the mail files
  • Import profile
  • Auto profile backup with schedule on shutdown


  • Import SMS from the "SMS Backup and Restore" program for Android and Nokia2AndroidSMS
  • Note: SMS not verified for NG (unable to test), please comment on issues

Import Export Tools NG Add-On Installation

Normal install (requires Internet access) from Thunderbird Add-on site:

  • Download and install ATN version via the Add-ons Manager.
  • From the Thunderbird Menu Bar, select Tools then Add-ons to open the Add-ons Manager. Choose the Extensions tab, search for “TBD”, select + Add to Thunderbird and follow the prompts to install and then restart.

Install (with or without Internet access) XPI directly:

  • Download and install GitHub XPI version via the Add-ons Manager.
  • From the Thunderbird Menu Bar, select Tools then Add-ons to open the Add-ons Manager. Choose the Extensions tab, click the gear icon and choose Install Add-on From File…
  • Choose XPI file, install and restart.

XPI Add-on Package Build instructions

Visual Studio Code: Build Default Task

Basic Command Line Build: (requires 7zip CLI version) 7z a ./xpi/import-export-tools-ng-4.0.0-tb.xpi ./src/*

Issues & Questions

Post any issues or questions for Import Export Tools under Issues


ImportExportTools NG changes are logged here.


Original Author: Paolo "Kaosmos"
Developing Author: Christopher Leidigh

Extension Icon: Pixel perfect from & cleidigh is licensed by CC 3.0 BY
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