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IETng icon Import Export Tools NG

ImportExportTools NG adds import and export functions for messages, folders and profiles.

This derivative add-on is the update of ImportExportTools, the original work of Paolo “Kaosmos”.

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TB78 TB91 License: GPL 3.0

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Import Export Tools NG Add-On Features

Latest Version 10.0.2 : Maintenance Release - November 14, 2020

Bug Issues Fixed:

  • #140 Handle right click on unselected folder
  • #149 EML import fixes
  • #154 Backup does not run if File/Exit used
  • #157, #159 Backups failing
  • #173 Handle no selected folder
  • #174 Sender_email & recipient_email tokens missing for attachments
  • #175 Support comma and single quote in filenames


  • Added Backup on exit option
  • Use Index, CSV Date Format option for full custom format (options Misc tab)

Thanks to many! : See issues



  • Tools (most import and export functions including profiles)
  • Folders (most import and export functions)
  • Search dialog (export search results)
  • Selected messages (export or copy to clipboard)


  • Individual folder(s), optionally including subfolders (mbox format)
  • All folder messages in the following formats:
    • EML, HTML, PDF, CSV or plaintext
    • Export as individual files or a single file
    • Optionally include attachments
    • Export indexes as plain text or CSV
    • Extensive file naming convention options
    • Export messages from search dialog


  • Mbox files (including structure)
  • EML & EMLX files
  • Individual or all directory files


  • Export complete profile or just the mail files
  • Import profile
  • Auto profile backup with schedule on shutdown

SMS: Will be deprecated!

Import Export Tools NG Add-On Installation

Normal install (requires Internet access) from Thunderbird Add-on site:

  • Download and install ATN version via the Add-ons Manager.
  • From the Thunderbird Menu Bar, select Tools then Add-ons to open the Add-ons Manager. Choose the Extensions tab, search for “TBD”, select + Add to Thunderbird and follow the prompts to install and then restart.

Install (with or without Internet access) XPI directly:

  • Download and install GitHub XPI version via the Add-ons Manager.
  • From the Thunderbird Menu Bar, select Tools then Add-ons to open the Add-ons Manager. Choose the Extensions tab, click the gear icon and choose Install Add-on From File…
  • Choose XPI file, install and restart.

Brief Usage Instructions

The extension adds a new menu item in the Tools menu. (You may have to enable the Menu Bar from Preferences to make it display. Depending on the version of Thunderbird, the option to show the menu bar may be under "View" or "Customize" instead.) The new submenu displays a number of additional actions which you can peform to import or export various types of information into and out of Thunderbird.

The original add-on (link above) has a number of notes about individual commands, though no structured user guide or handbook yet. (Sorry.)

XPI Add-on Package Build instructions

Visual Studio Code: Build Default Task

Basic Command Line Build: (requires 7zip CLI version) 7z a ./xpi/import-export-tools-ng-4.0.0-tb.xpi ./src/*

Issues & Questions

Post any issues or questions for Import Export Tools under Issues


ImportExportTools NG changes are logged here.


Original Author: Paolo “Kaosmos”
Developing Author: Christopher Leidigh

Extension Icon: Pixel perfect from & cleidigh is licensed by CC 3.0 BY


Import Export Tools that supports Thunderbird 68/78.




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