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lilURL is a simple PHP/MySQL script for generating lil URLs. It's similar to TinyURL, Shorl, MakeAShorterLink, etc, but you can run it on your own server. Requires PHP and MySQL. Supports mod_rewrite.
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lilURL 0.1.2

lilURL is a simple PHP/MySQL app that works basically like,
allowing you to create shortcuts on your own server.

Copied from original lilURL 0.1.1

Thanks to for importing into github


To install:
0. $ git clone [site_root_dir_name]
   For me, that is $ git clone ~/

1. Create a MySQL database and user for lilURL. 

2. Import the lilurl.sql file:

      (( like so:
         mysql -u [lilurl_user] -p [lilurl_db] < lilurl.sql

3. in the includes/ directory: $  cp conf.php-sample conf.php; cp mysql.php-sample mysql.php
   Edit the configuration files mysql.php and conf.php to suit your needs.

4. Set up mod_rewrite, if necessary

      (( a .htaccess file with the lines:
         RewriteEngine On
         RewriteRule (.*) index.php
        should suffice ))
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