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Thundertick is the super-powertool for google chrome and firefox.

##Installation You can install thundertick from the [Chrome Webstore]( You can install thundertick from the [Mozilla Add-on Store](

You can get the latest unreleased versions by loading an unpacked extension by building the code in the repository manually.

To launch thundertick on any open tab you can either click the thundertick browser-action(the icon in your toolbar) or you can tap on the backtick key on your keyboard.

thundertick keyboard

After cloning this repository, run npm install in the root directory to install the dependencies. As soon as all of them are installed, you will have to install and run webpack to bundle all the scripts and styles correctly for use, you then will have to use gulp, to select the correct version of manifest for your respective browser. i.e npm run manifest:chrome or ```npm run manifest:firefox`

You can then load the extension into chrome by using the developer feature, "Load unpacked extension", or into firefox by visiting about:debugging.


If you need help with anything regarding this extension, you can contact me via the github issues page, or by sending me an email - manak [at] thundertick[dot]com


You can keep up to date with the latest updates about thundertick by liking our Facebook Page.


The super-powertool for your browser.



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