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Integration Demo

This is a simple example to get started with Thundra's integration capabilites.

How to run using serverless

1 - Installation

In thundra-examples-lambda-nodejs/integration-demo directory:

npm install

2 - Configuration

Open thundra-examples-lambda-nodejs/integration-demo/serverless.yml and set your AWS S3 deployment bucket & api key:

    thundraApiKey: <your-api-key>
    deploymentBucket: <your-s3-deployment-bucket>

Create a new database in your PostgreSQL instance and create user table by running thundra-examples-lambda-nodejs/integration-demo/create_tables.sql

Update database config file thundra-examples-lambda-nodejs/integration-demo/user/pg/config.js with your PostgreSQL instance properties.

3 - Deploy

In thundra-examples-lambda-nodejs/integration-demo directory:

sls deploy

4 - Invoke

In thundra-examples-lambda-nodejs/integration-demo directory:

sls invoke --function integration --data '{"id" : 1}'

5 - Enjoy your flight with Thundra!

Visit Thundra to observe your metrics. It might take 1-2 minutes to be visible.