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Build blockchain apps with built-in privacy.

🔒 Blockchain & Data Privacy

In partnership with Oasis Labs, you can now build mobile applications that include components of blockchain and built-in privacy technologies on Thunkable.

  1. Oasis Labs is a beta product. As a result there may be system updates that impact your app's ability to connect to the platform or even loose data during major quarterly upgrades. You can learn more here about upgrade cycles)
  2. If you are testing on iOS, please open and force quit the Thunkable Live App before testing Oasis components.

Using Oasis to build new experiences

Using Oasis technology, developers can quickly and easily build new types of experiences in your app that incorporate blockchain and privacy technologies.

Incorporating elements from Oasis can be particularly valuable for apps that need to preserve data privacy or require a high level of verifiability. For example, you can use Oasis components to build a messaging app that keeps what you write secret, or a supply chain application where shipping times can be verified and unalterable.

Below are a number of sample applications that you can use as templates to get started.

Sample Apps to get started

Take these samples as a template to build your own apps. Download them as is or remix them and make them your own!

Scavenger Hunt -- Making a verifiable location-based application

The “Scavenger Hunt” app allows you to create a “geo hotspot” on a map . When the user is within the geo hotspot, they can click on the “Unlock Location” button to receive a Hunt Token. Hunt Tokens (and other tokens) are created on the Oasis Blockchain.

You can easily customize this app by changing the geo hotspot area that can give you coins when you are within its boundaries.

  1. Open the Scavenger Hunt app file
  2. Remix walkthrough
  3. Step by step documentation
  4. Video tutorial****

Secret Lunch Ballot -- Build your own confidential poll or ballot in minutes

The Lunch Ballot app is a polling app where users can vote on different lunch options. You can easily customize this app by changing the voting options.

  1. ****Open the Secret Lunch Ballot App file
  2. Remix walkthrough****
  3. Step by step documentation****
  4. Video tutorial****

Supply Chain -- Saving data from multiple users

The Supply Chain app is a digital ledger app where manufacturers (and other users) can log shipments that have been received or dispatched. You can easily customize this app by changing what information is stored.

  1. ****Open the Supply Chain App file
  2. Remix walkthrough****
  3. Step by step documentation****
  4. Video tutorial****

Building and deploying your own smart contract on Thunkable

If you’d like to build a mobile app with smart contract and blockchain technology from scratch, you can also use the Oasis Developer Dashboard to write your own smart contract, connect it to Thunkable using the Blockchain Wallet and Smart Contract components.

In less than an hour, you’ll have a complete mobile app that you can submit to the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Learn more about the Oasis Developer Dashboard.

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